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Lŭm•ber•ock /lumber'ok/
1. completely synthetic dimensional lumber, manufactured from the unique combination of HDPE plastic and a natural mineral fill material.
2. known for its increased strength, durability, and performance.
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No Noticeable Fading
  Everything fades in direct sunlight, but Lumberock fades so slightly, you will never notice any color change. Our UV-protecting color additives ensure that constant exposure to sunlight will have no noticeable effect on Lumberock plastic lumber.

Impenetrable Surface
  Bacteria, insects, and other organisms that thrive in areas with lots of moisture cannot permeate the surface or the individual slats. Since no organic fills are used, there is nothing for mold or mildew to adhere to and nothing for water to decompose.

  You can have confidence in you're investment, knowing that all GreenBenches & More products will undoubtedly look great, year after year.
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